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Đinh - Ly / Early Lê Dynasties - Ha Noi
 Remnants from the Đinh and Early Lê period include 13 foundations from timber frame structures. The number of foundations shows that the area was an important urban area during the period. When compared to the vestiges of the Đại La period« ...
Đại La (7th to 9th Century) - Ha Noi
Major archaeological work on Thăng Long was started in December of 2002 and continued into 2003 at 18 Hoàng Diệu street, which is located somewhere in the central area of the former citadel. The site excavated was 48,000 square meters and was divided in to 4 ...
History Thăng Long imperial citadel - Ha Noi
 Thus in 1010 the capital was moved to Đại La and the name was changed to Thăng Long. Thăng Long means Soaring Dragon, and it is said that while crossing the river, the king saw a dragon in the sky, thus he knew that the place where his capital was to be ...
Thang Long imperial citadel - Ha Noi
 While Thăng Long Citadel was not founded until the 114 century, the area was still considered of important strategic value. Prior to the 11th century, the location where Thăng Long citadel would be located was occupied by another citadel called Đại La. ...
Settlements in rural areas of the northern midlands and highlands
 The mountainous region of North Vietnam is inhabited by different tribes, speaking different dialects from different linguistic groups
Human settlements in the delta and coastal areas Vietnam
Based on function and natural, socio-economic conditions, rural settlements in Vietnam can be categorized as follows:
The Khmer of Vietnam
 The Khmer live mainly in the provinces of the Mekong Delta, and also some provinces of the eastern part of South Vietnam, such as Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Binh Phuoc...
The Northest region ethnic minority groups
The ethnic groups coming from China are: Hoa, Ngai, Nung, Dao, San Diu, San Chay (Cao Lan I San Chi), Lo Lo, Ha Nhi, Mong, Pa Then, La Chi, Bo Y, Co Lao. The ethnic minority groups include Вас Can, Cao Bang, Ha Giang, Lang Son, Thai Nguyen, Tuyen Quang, and the ...
Ethnic groups in Vietnam
Vietnam has for generations been the common habitat of several ethnic groups.
Solo but you're never alone
Murugaraj Odiathevar, 28, Singapore, thinks that one of the best things about being a Singaporean is that you don’t need visas to travel or you can get them upon arrival at many countries.
Grand prix rolls in again
The Grand Prix Season Singapore (GPSS), highlight of the sporting and entertainment calendar, will return in 2015
Land of the rising singers
In Japan, the single traveller market is fast growing and new brands have popped up to cater to their individual needs.
Mountainous area in Vietnam
 Vietnam's mountainous regions have many unique landscapes, such as Sa Pa, Tam Dao, and Da Lat.
Southeast Asia in cruise control
Could South-east Asia be the “Cari-bean of the East”? Boasting a climate that makes it ideal for year-round cruising, this could be a possibility. The region features culturally diverse destinations, ancient and ultra-mod-ern attractions, with more than 30 ...
Visitors and Shoppers flock to Maria Bay Sands
Marina Bay Sands received 40.3 M visitors in 2013. Its top five foreign source markets for the hotel in 2013 were Japan, China, Indonesia, Korea and Australia.
Luang Prabang, the season of countless flowers
In Ashoka flowers blooming season (Ashoka also called flower A - countless flowers), the sacred canopy of crimson bloom in unison before the porch of the ancient temple, the temple grounds, roadsides,  Luang Prabang became ever more beautiful .. Located north of ...
Watching  Swallows  in Tho Chu islands
Tho Chu archipelago located in the far southwest of the country with the eighth islands: Tho Chu Island (13.95 km²), Hon Tu (about 1 km), Hon Cao Cat, Hon Nhan , Hon Cat (about 15 m² ), stones desk, island green and island high. Among them, Hon Nhan  ...
36 hours to explore Hanoi - comment from  foreign correspondents
Hanoi has become the latest in a series of documentary the "36 hours of discovery"  -  for one of the most famous newspaper in the world - New York Times. After 36h travel around Hanoi, correspondent Robyn Eckhardt described here is a special ...
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News & Events
Đinh - Ly / Early Lê Dynasties - Ha Noi
 Yin columns continued to be the method used in construction. However, the wav they were constructed and ...
Đại La (7th to 9th Century) - Ha Noi
The Đại La Period is the earliest period from which datable remnants have been found. Excavations carried out in ...
History Thăng Long imperial citadel - Ha Noi
 In 1014 walls were built up, encircling the city. In 1029 new walls were built inside the city, creating the ...